Do you need a home repipe??

Why would you repipe your home?

There are many reasons why a homeowner would need or want to repipe their house. These reasons can range from pipe leaks to incorrect pipe materials. Even a new piping system can show signs of corrosive wear in as soon as two years after installation!

One example of the wrong pipe materials being used in a home is old galvanized piping. These pipes should always be replaced in a home. Once believed to resist rust, galvanized pipes are now known to rust very easily. They should always be replaced within a home as consuming water from these old, rusty galvanized pipes can be very dangerous. Rusty galvanized pipes can also restrict water flow throughout the house. Your appliances will begin to fill up slower, the shower will have less pressure, and you may even notice a brown tint or a smell to your water. These are all signs that your home needs to be repiped!

Leaks in the home are another issue that would lead to repiping. Those rusty galvanized pipes can spring a leak, or you can experience a slab leak from copper pipes. Either way, the best and most permanent fix is to repipe the home with the correct materials.

SOS Plumbing Rooter provides the best value for home repiping in the Orange County area. SOS Plumbing Rooter uses one of the most innovative solutions in home repiping – ePIPE. With using ePIPE, there is no noise, no mess, no destruction! And unlike conventional repiping construction jobs, an ePIPE restoration takes only a few days with very little noise or restoration needed afterwards. Call us today 1-800-400-4767! We are available 24 hours a day/7 days a week!!

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