Do you have clogged drains??

Imagine coming home from a long, hard day at work just to discover that your sink is overflowing! The culprit: clogged drains!! Clogged drains can be caused a number of issues.
What Causes Clogged Drains or Backed-up Sewer Lines?
Just because clogged drains and sewer lines are the most common plumbing problems doesn’t mean they can’t be very costly. And the strange thing is, they are also among the most preventable problems.
Here are some usual causes of clogged drains and sewer line problems. A little care will prevent many of them from occurring:
Fats, oils and grease down the drain
Coffee grounds, eggshells in the garbage disposal
Food scraps down the drain
Anything other than toilet paper down the toilet
Invasive tree roots penetrating pipes or sewer lines
S.O.S. Plumbing has high definition cameras on each truck and trained, skilled technicians who know how to use them. A camera inspection on your drains or sewer lines tells the technician where the problem is in the system without using invasive techniques that sometimes cause more damage to the pipes. If work is necessary—a simple cleaning or something more—we will give you an upfront estimate and usually take care of the problem that same day.

How Does S.O.S. Plumbing Find the Problem?
Your pipes are hidden beneath your floors, landscaping or concrete in driveways or sidewalks, so how does S.O.S. Plumbing & Expert Drain Cleaning Service find where the trouble is without disrupting or damaging those things? We use technology combined with experience and expertise. Our technicians are skilled in all means of line examination.
Trust S.O.S. Plumbing to find the answer to your plumbing problems. We use the detection method most suited for the situation.
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